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(Divided equally among mediation participants)
Ask about income-based discounts available.

*Rates are subject to change. Deposit required for self-represented mediation participants. 


You have the opportunity to reach a Marital Separation Agreement during mediation. Together, you and your spouse can resolve any number of issues without a judge, some of which might even be difficult for a judge to fully understand in light of your unique circumstances. Mazzola Mediation can assist you in resolving a whole host of separation concerns, whether it be the division of assets and liabilities, spousal support, or who gets the family pet — all with or without an attorney present.


For married and unmarried parents alike, mediation can help you discuss and resolve the major topics of child-rearing outside of the courtroom. While judges do their best to assess what's in the best interest of a child, that does not mean they know what is in YOUR best interest. Let Mazzola Mediation help you create solutions that are tailor-made to fit your priorities and lifestyle.

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*Florida courts calculate child support based on the state-mandated guidelines provided under Florida Statute 61.30. As a general rule, support obligations cannot deviate substantially from the guidelines schedule. While Mazzola Mediation can calculate your support payments, support obligations cannot be waived and generally cannot be mediated.  

Dont wait for a judge to decide your fate. Contact Mazzola Mediation and take control of your future.

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